Radio-TV Tutorship

Learn practical electronics in just 5 months, no academic or previous work experience required!


Our Tutorial on 5 months electronics and basic Radio & Television course is both practical and project oriented. Suitable for beginners and engineering students alike. Each session of 20 students lasts for one and a half hours a day, Monday to Friday. Theories are presented in home-study methods with self-study textbooks loaned to students at regular intervals.

Projects are also loaned for circuit tracing at home. Photocopied diagrams, notes and write-ups are given free, provided the student is present and has updated accounts during distribution.

No academic or previous work experience is necessary. Theories are tested and simplified, easily learned. Any interested person above the age of 15 years of age may enroll. A passing grade and an accomplishment of the required projects entitle the student to a Certificate.

The classroom is air conditioned with modern learning and teaching facilities in place.

Classes start at 5.30pm and 7.00pm. Morning sessions may be available and start at 8.30am and 10.00am (depending on the number of students enrolled). Other schedules may also be available on request.


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